It’s all about the Sauce

What makes a restaurant chicken better than a home roasted chicken. It’s all in the sauce.  When most savvy cooks learn about brining and seasoning, the meat is going to taste its ideal. A restaurant will take it a step further and pair the protein with a mouth watering sauce.

To start, sauces are made with a stock from the same animal. Chicken pairs with chicken stock, and beef with beef.  The stock then is allowed to boil to evaporate the water and leave behind all the tasty parts.  The tasty parts are held in place by a protein called gelatin. It’s the same protein found in one of our favorite snacks Jello.

Once the stock is reduced to a lip smacking thickness, other flavors can be added. This Sunday we will be adding capers, mustard, shallots, and some champagne vinegar.  Lastly, to give the sauce a velvety smooth texture, we whisk in butter on low heat.

Butter is actually an emulsion of fat and water in which proteins are held in suspension. To keep it from separating while adding butter to a hot liquid, agitation is needed. If successful the butter adds a great flavor and texture to the already gelatinous sauce.  2015-08-19 08.41.43


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