Redundancy is sometimes not a problem

Most people I run into have eaten the three types of commonly home-baked cookies: Tollhouse, Snickerdoodle, and Peanut Butter.  There are very few variations to these classics. So to highlight the name of the Snickerdoodle, I have added Snickers bars insides each cookie, rebaking a classic and calling it “The Snicker Doodle.”

If you happen to be in a whimsical mood, you can serve these cookies on a platter and spell out the word “doodle.” Then your dessert becomes a Snicker Snickerdoodle Doodle.

Here is what the cookie dough looks like when stuffing with a snicker.


The Final Product.


Cut open, you can still see the resemblance of the original candy bar.


My doodle of cookies.



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