The power of three

Tres Leches cakes for me have been just a sweet memory. That can be good and bad. I wanted to make a cake that delineated from mere sweetness, but focused on the qualities that makes milk so inspirational. I had to bring forth the flavors that make milk taste more like it came from its source, the animal.

Thus, my tres leches, leeches off its numerical design, the number 3. I put into this dessert milk from sert milk from three farm animals: cow, sheep and goat. The latter two are much stronger in flavor and balance the sweetness of the cake. I also had three kinds of caramel: butterscotch, caramel, and cajeta. The last one is made of caramelized goats milk.

Finally, the classic three kinds of cows milk still remains as whipped cream covers the cake, and evaporated and sweetened condensed milk soaks the insides along with sheep’s milk kefir that gives the cake a good tang in taste.

This is the kind of dessert that screams decadence, but seems so balanced with its pervasive powers of three.IMG_20151021_095012


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