Respect the Turkey

Thanksgiving is a great day to feast on turkey. However, Christmas comes so quickly that the Thursday seem to be overshadowed by Black Friday.  Therefore, Rendezvous served turkey two weeks in a row to respect the holiday and the bird.  We broke down, or fabricated thirty two turkeys to separate the breasts from the leg thighs.

Separating a turkey may seem unnecessary, but experience has shown me that light meat takes less time cooking than dark meat. And separating the pieces yields different cooking methods to be used. To ensure non dry breasts, the turkey was bathed in a brine and allowed to be submerged overnight.  Flavors and moisture seeped in through osmosis.  The turkey then was able to be roasted Sunday morning and sliced to order.

The legs and thighs are more sturdy and encased in skin. This helps maintain moisture and reheating becomes easier as the meat doesn’t tend to dry out as quickly.  The arduous task is separating the leg meat from all of the tendons. After 64 legs, your hands can get a decent work out. But the results are worth it.  Two meals showcasing what can be done with a large bird.  I hope no one was sick of turkey by the time Thanksgiving came around. Turkeys


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